Thursday, May 26, 2011

Life on the Douro (trailer 2) by Zev Robinson

This is the second trailer using material filmed during 23 days on my third and fourth trips to Porto and the Douro region. The fourth trip was with a For the Love of Port tour, arranged specially for my film. Due to be released in September, 2011, the film will deal with the three centuries and current situation of the region and its wines.

The Buzz on FB:
Zev Robinson: I forgot to mention a cameo, but important, appearance by Luiz A. G. Alberto

Luiz A. G. Alberto: Nah... I'm flattered! But mentions should be reserved for famous people... :)

Kayt Nelson: Exceptional storytelling. Kudos, Zev!

Zev Robinso:n ‎@Luiz But when you get famous, you'll ask me why I didn't mention you when you weren't.

Zev Robinson: ‎Kayt Nelson Many thanks. Now back to editing the full version, much more complicated.

Roy Hersh: I will lift a glass to your ongoing work, in your efforts to make a movie as compelling as this 2nd trailer. Brilliant!

Oscar Quevedo: I'm very much looking forward to see 1st and 2nd trailers together!! Luiz, don't forget you're a brave Port educator!

Luiz A. G. Alberto: That I am Oscar. And proud of it! :)

Luiz A. G. Alberto: I like your logic Zev... Do you play chess by any chance? ;)
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Zev Robinson: I play enough chess to prolong the agony of being beaten by you. And when it appears that I may be winning once in a while, your iPad has a magic button that makes the game disappears. Why do you ask?

Luiz A. G. Alberto: I had a feeling you would have an answer that would make me laugh... :-))

Jamie Goode: great trailer - I've embedded it in my blog - look forward to the film

Roy Hersh: Like Jamie, I've done my best to spread this far and wide through social media and on our Forum and will publish the link in the upcoming FTLOP newsletter too.
As to playing that Brazilian guy in chess; all I can say is, Ouch! : )
 Carrie Jorgensen Congrats Zev! Great trailer. Next time, come take some pictures in the Alentejo, please!
Alejandro David Yashan I can't wait to see the full version keep up the good work
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