Friday, June 29, 2012

FTLOP trip: Day 1 > Visit to Krohn

FTLOP trip
 06/03/2012 - Visit to Krohn (Wiese & Krohn was founded in 1865 by two young Norwegians, Theodor Wiese & Dankert Krohn.)

What a way to start our trip. We visited Krohn, one of the best producers of Colheita. There we spent the afternoon learning about the company, their history and - most of all - tasting their wines and being educated on the evolution of tawny wines.

Jose Carneiro and Iolanda we amazing (Wiese & Krohn is now run by the third generation of the Falcão Carneiro family). They were there pouring wines with smiles on their faces and answering all our questions patiently (some members of our trip just recently have become #portlovers), but they were also extremely knowledgeable when challenged with more difficult technical questions. In short: we had a very educational (and delicious!) seminar on Colheita wines.

On the line up: Colheitas 2002, 1997, 1983, 1978, 1968, and 1961 - And... Mario Ferreira!

Then something amazing happened. We were invited to do a little barrel tasting...

So how about a wine 1863 from the barrel to finish our visit? From 1 to 100 how happy do you think Roy was? Well, he gave to this wine 100 points! I believe this is was the 3rd time in his life he gives 100 points to a wine...

In short: What a visit!

To see more pictures of the visit you can visit our Facebook page:

To schedule a visit or to contact them directly:
Wiese & Krohn, Sucrs., Lda.
Rua Dr. António Granjo, 122
4400-082 V. N. Gaia
Tel.: + 351 22 3771720 - E-mail:

Luiz Alberto, #winelover
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