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What is Klout? Who are the top influencers in the wine industry? (part 8)

What is Klout?
Who are the top influencers in the wine industry?

1) What is Klout?
The Klout Score measures influence based on your ability to drive action. Every time you create content or engage you influence others. The Klout Score uses data from social networks in order to measure:
  • True Reach: How many people you influence
  • Amplification: How much you influence them
  • Network Impact: The influence of your network

2) Who are the top influencers in the wine industry?
I'm compiling a list of the people with the highest scores in the wine industry. This first article includes only influencers whose name starts with letters U, V, W, X, Y, anz Z. You will find their names, scores, links to their pages (twitter, facebook, google+, klout, etc), as well as their top influences on Klout (besides wine).

Here they are... Wait a second... Please note that only scores over 40 were included. If you are my friend on Facebook and were not included... work harder! :)
 Profile Picture
·  59

Vinously Speaking Wine Shop & Blog:)

 Vincent Pétré
·  56

I'm #WineLover geek ! Born in , my blood is a mix of bubbles & social-media. Launching myself as #CommunityManager after my MBA

 Profile Picture
·  44

VitaBella – a Wine Marketing & Communication Company - has helped more than 100 international wine estates to develop luxury brand strategies.

 Vitor Mendes
·  56

 Profile Picture
·  53

Winemaker and promoter for Chateau Castigno. Social media marketing, WSET, food & winelover, generative art.

Profile Picture
·  58

#winelover http://HydeParkWines.co.uk - http://WineforSpice.com - http://StickyWines.co.uk

 Wendy Crispell
·  54

New York based wine and cheese event specialist with long and varied background in the food industry. Passion for cooking, pairing and culinary history. #winelover

 William Allen
·  47

Wine Country Blogger, Winemaker, Avid consumer, Sonoma County resident. Rhonehound. Sales/Marketing/Social Media Executive. Closet Tech Geek

 Profile Picture
·  62

Just a guy who loves red wine

 Profile Picture
·  55

Wine Harlots - the virtue of vice. No stuffy wine criticism allowed. Fresh, fun and funky. Join the Wine Harlots Revolution!

 Profile Picture
·  57

Wine writer, educator and editor. Specialist in Jura and Savoie. Love wine, food, travel, skiing, mountains, jazz and blues. Also http://winetravelguides.com

Profile Picture
·  53

A funny blend. 57% Wine expert, 28% entrepreneur, 13% bon vivant and 2% of a volatile free radical. Hand picked. Handle with moderation

 Profile Picture
·  60


Top scores (60+ / letters U, V, W, X, Y, and Z):
Very interesting fact (8): Wendy Crispell, Warren Edwardes, Ward de Muynck, and Vincent Pétré. What these four influencers in the wine industry have in common? They have #winelover in their profiles...

Top scores (60+ / letters S and T):
 Very interesting fact (7): Our top score - Thea Dwelle - is the administrator for the

Top scores (60+ / letters N, O, P,  Q, and R):
 Very interesting fact (6): Our top score here - Rick Bakas - is one of the most respected names when "wine and social media" are in the same phrase. The same applies to most of the other names with the top scores... Is it just me, or it's becoming a little harder to prove that Klout scores are meaningless?

Top scores (60+ / letters K, L, and M):

 Very interesting fact (5): Again, 8 of the people above have #winelover in their profiles. Are we going to be able to break this record? (#Olympicspirit) :)

Top scores (60+ / letters G, H, I, and J):

Jamie Goode 69

Ilkka Sirén 67

Grace Hoffman 64

Juan Manuel Gonzalvo Mancilla 64

Jasmine Hirsch 62

James Marshall Berry 61

Galina Todorova Niforou 60

Joe Roberts 60


 Very interesting fact (4): Jamie Goode has the highest score I've found so far... Is there a chance that fame and a high klout score have some sort of connection?
Top scores (60+ / letters E and F):
  1. François Desperriers 69 
  2. Emmanuel Delmas 68 

Very interesting fact (3): 8 of the people above have #winelover in their profiles

Very interesting fact (3): 
Have you noticed that both top scores so far (Andre and Dusan) have #winelover in their profiles?
 Top scores (60+ / letters A and B)
  1. Andre Ribeirinho 68
  2. Arto Koskelo 67 
  3. Alexandra Corvo  63
  4. Anne-Victoire Jocteur Monrozier 61

Very interesting fact:
The 4 top scores for letters A and B are EWBC alumni... let's see if this "coincidence" occurs with the other letters of the alphabet... The other common factor is that they are all my friends in real life... :)
Please let us know if your Klout score has changed since this article was published and we will gladly get it fixed for you.
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