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German Red Grape Variety of the Day: Regent

Red Wine Grape Regent 

Red Grape Variety: Regent

Regent at a glance: 
  • German Ranking (2011): No. 12 (No. 6 for Red Grape Varieties) / Vineyard Area (2011): 2,065 ha (2.02 % of total Vineyard Areas)
  • Major Regions (2011): Rheinhessen (Rhine Hesse) - 759 ha / Pfalz (Palatinate) - 621 ha / Baden – 261 ha / 10 year Tendency: increasing (+1,416 ha or +218.81% since 2001)

(Data: German Federal Statistics Office - Destatis, 2011)

Young Crossing with Upward Trend
The Regent Variety is one of the youngest Crossings, which are cultivated in Germany. It was created in 1967 by Professor Gerhardt Alleweldt at the Institute for Grape Breeding in Geilweilerhof. The interspecific hybrid Grape is a Crossing between European and American Grapes. The Parents are the Diana Grape (Silvaner x Müller-Thurgau) and the hybrid Grape Variety Chambourcin (parents unknown).

After the Variety was discovered, experimental Plantings followed in 1985 until the Regent received varietal Protection in 1994 and was released for Cultivation. Nowadays, the Regent Grape has a Market Share of around 2% (2,065 ha) in Germany with a overproportional Growth. The Vineyards covered by the Grape tripled in the last 10 years. Regent is mainly planted in the Wine-growing Regions Baden, Pfalz (Palatinate), Rheinhessen (Rhine Hesse) and Franken (Franconia).

Extremely Resistant with high Must Weights
The Regent Grape is dark-skinned and has a strong Resistance against most of the fungal Diseases, such as downy mildew. The Variety is also frost-resistant and favors especially the Cultivation in cooler Climates. Not only in Germany, but also worldwide, is the Regent
among the most important new Varieties due to its fungal-resistance. It ripens in about 95 days around the same time as the Spätburgunder (Pinot Noir) in the first weeks of October.

The Wines are intensive in Color and have a rather high level of Tannins. The Acidity is usually moderate and the Aroma is similar to Cherries or Blackcurrants. Particularly in cooler Climates like in Germany it shows a crisp Fruitiness. Since the Regent reaches very high Must Weights, the Wines tends to have high Alcohol Levels. Regent is considered as suitable for Cuvees, blended with other Varieties.

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