Friday, September 20, 2013

I said to the waiter, "MALBEC, please" by Philip S. Kampe

                                                             El Tigre, Argentina

I said to the waiter, "Malbec, please".
We were sitting on the deck of the Maria Lujan restaurant in El Tigre, overlooking the flowing river that rules the life of the inhabitants of this 'fantasy like' village.
I felt like I was near the marsh and  bayou back roads of sunny Louisiana in late September.
In fact, we were in the small town of El Tigre, thirty miles north of the center of bustling Buenos Aires.

                                            The beautiful trees at the riverbank of El Tigre

The day before, we were at the MALBA art center and museum, eating at the magnificent museum restaurant when out of the blue, a girl says to us, 'Did I hear you speaking English?'.
We acknowledged that, 'Yes, your ears are working correctly'.
And for half an hour we talked.
She is a student from Chicago.
Her parents are visiting for a week.
They just returned from El Tigre and thought the town was like heaven.
We followed their advice and escaped from Buenos Aires.
The hour and fifteen minute commuter direct train ride had eleven stops along the way.
For $1.50 round-trip, who can complain?

After we arrived, we spoke with a river pilot agent, who said that if you walk along the banks of the river, you will find a wonderful art museum, a Navy museum and this very special waterfront restaurant, Maria Lujan.
We did, sat on the deck and said to the waiter, 'Malbec, please'.

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