Monday, September 2, 2013

SMOKE Liqueur is a Perfect Ready-to-drink Cocktail by Philip S. Kampe

                                                               photos by Maria Reveley
SMOKE Liqueur and Me on Labor Day!

It's summer time, the sun is out and it is warm and muggy.
The humidity reminds me of New Orleans, the town that I grew up in.

In fact, today is Labor Day--a true Holiday--BBQ, beer, wine and cocktails.
It's also the perfect time to try a new liqueur that has entered the market, SMOKE.

I have waited all summer to try 'SMOKE'.
I was waiting for the perfect time to open the bottle and share it with my guests.

And today is the day.

A friend of mine gave me a bottle and explained that once I try it, my life would be on fire.
Ironically, one of the tag lines for SMOKE is;' Where There's Smoke There's Fire'.

What is SMOKE?
SMOKE is a  Ready-To-Drink Liqueur made with Top-Shelf Vodka, pineapple, coconut and infused Moscato.  Moscato is the fastest growing wine category in America.

My reaction: The mixture creates a really flavorful, palate pleasing cocktail that sings the song of sophistication. The addictive aroma reminds me of days spent on the beach, relaxing at a Caribbean Island.

The full- flavor is smooth and has a long, lingering finish on my palate.
I poured SMOKE over ice cubes, which is recommended and created, what I thought was a Top-Notch Cocktail at home.

My guests reacted the same way. Where can I buy this 'Smoke'? Can I see what the bottle looks like?
How much does it cost?

Can I create cocktails using SMOKE as a mixer?
Here a few recipes we experimented with:

Forbidden Fruit
4 oz. Smoke
2 oz. cranberry juice
Serve on the rocks

Smoke Jumper
3 oz. Smoke
1 oz. Amaretto
Splash of orange juice
Shake vigorously and pour

2 oz. Smoke
1 oz. Sprite
Dash of grenadine
Served over ice

3 oz. Smoke
1 oz. Hennessy Pure White

Tropical Twister
2 parts Smoke
1 part Midori Sour Mix and a
Twist of Lime to garnish

After sampling these cocktails, I knew my friend was right.
'Where There's Smoke There's Fire'.

To learn more about SMOKE, visit their website at: 

Philip S. Kampe

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