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Expo Milano 2015, "The Great World Food Event" meets Gala Italia's 30th Birthday Wine & Food Celebration by Philip S. Kampe

The room was packed as the representatives from Milano 2015 spoke to the audience at the Italian Cultural Institute, prior to the 30th Anniversary Extravaganza of "Gala Italia", which took place at the elegant Pierre Hotel's Grand Ballroom on Fifth Avenue in Manhattan.

The theme of Expo Milano 2015 is "FEEDING the PLANET, Energy for LIFE". The topic was discussed after a dynamic presentation that focused on Milano 2015's role in the universe. The exhibition will take place from 1 May to 31 October, 2015 in Milan, with an estimated 24 million people attending.

Milan will become a global showcase for 94% of the world's population (145 participating countries) that will exchange ideas and shared solutions guaranteeing healthy , safe and sufficient food for everyone, while respecting the planet.  Creativity and innovation for a sustainable future is the expo's goal.

Consumers will have the opportunity to sample some of the world's best dishes, while discovering the best of the agri-food and gastronomic traditions of each of the exhibitor countries. Discussions around nutrition and the resources of our planet will focus on solutions for future generations.

Coincidentally, after the end of the presentation of Expo Milano 2015, a group of thirty plus participants hiked down Park Avenue in sub-zero weather to secure entrance for 'Gala Italia 30', one of the most important events in the United States which promotes products 'Made In Italy'.

The event is organized by the Italian Wine & Food Institute under the patronage of the Italian Ambassador to Washington and with the sponsorship of the Italian Trade Commission and Veronafiere-Vinitaly.

Each year I witness the smiling face of Dr. Lucio Caputo, the man who is known for the success of placing Italian wines throughout America. As far back as I can remember, Dr. Caputo focuses his resources and creativity to make the Gala Italia a success.

                          Success of the Italian wine industry in the U.S. grows year by year.

Wine consumption in the U.S.began in the mid-1970's and has grown ever since. As you can see by the chart, Italian wines were rarely consumed in America in the 70's until a promotional campaign was conducted by Dr. Lucio Caputo, then a member of the Italian Trade Commission in New York. French wines dominated the market. It was not until 1975 when the Italians began a seven year campaign.. During the past forty years, unknown Italian wines have grown from being irrelevant to dominating the market.


                    '30 Bottles of 30 year old wine marks the 30th Anniversary of Gala Italia'

Gala Italia, besides highlighting wine, also focuses on food products that are made in Italy, as well as a number of Italian restaurants that show their wares using Italian products. Participating New York restaurants for Gala Italia 30 include Cacio e Vino, Le Cirque, Macelleria, Osterio del Circo, Piada NY, Risotteria Melotti, Serafina and Sirio.



Mayor Bill de Blasio declared that Gala Italia 30 is " a celebration of the festive spirit and good taste that defines both New York and Italy. As a global hub of progress, commerce and culture, our city is as singular as a rare vintage wine, and Gala Italia, which features a variety of traditional and acclaimed Italian foods and wines, is a highly anticipated annual event. Evidence of Italy's profound and lasting impact on the five boroughs is everywhere--from our restaurants to our classrooms and from our architecture to our concert halls--and I am honored to share ancestral roots with hundreds of thousands of proud Italian New Yorkers. I extend molto grazie to Gala Italia for strengthening ties between New York and Italy while uniting residents from all backgrounds and walks of life in revelry and kinship".

                                                                   "Made in Italy"


                                                               "Made In Italy"

                                                              "Made In Italy"

                                                              "Made In Italy"

                                                               "Made In Italy"
                                                        "Not all Made In Italy"


Philip S. Kampe    

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