Saturday, February 21, 2015

It's only 100 days to the "Wine & Food Festival of New Paltz" by Philip S. Kampe

                    Opening ceremony Saber Ceremony Honors belong to co-founder, Sam Ramic

Leave it to Kevin Zraly and Sam Remic of the International Wine Masters plus their staff of dedicated members to come up with a brilliant wine and food idea.
Why not create a premier Wine & Food Festival close (90 miles) to Manhattan?.
Why not have the showplace of American historical hotels, the Mohonk Mountain House, host the festival? 
Why not invite the leaders of the wine and food industry to show their goods, hold seminars, create wine dinners and stage celebrity chef demonstrations?

After years of planning, on May 29th, the ‘WINE & FOOD FESTIVAL of NEW PALTZ’’ will begin its second year of the first step to becoming the next major wine and food festival in America.

At the opening ceremonies for the inaugural WFFNP (let me be the first to shorten the name), cookbook author, guest seminar host and true supporter of the festival, Lidia Bastianich, rose to the occasion by noting that all of the hard work of the International Wine Masters will pay off, as this venture is sure to become a success and will be one of the ‘Premier Wine & Food Festivals in America’.

So, if I were you, I would pencil in the weekend of May 29th and be the ‘’First To Attend” the  Second Annual‘Wine & Food Festival of New Pa;tz’. My gut feeling tells me that will be one of the most successful wine and food festivals in America, on par, in the near future with Aspen.
   Crowd favorite Lidia Bastianich at the 'Gem of the Hudson Valley', Mohonk Mountain House

Here’s the line-up, which is better explained on the festival’s website:

29 May Friday
5:30pm Welcome  Cocktail Reception (Invitation only)
6:00pm     Silent Auction (proceeds go to Cystic Fibrosis)
7:30pm   Wine and Food Gala

30 May Saturday
11am-noon  Press Trade Grand Tasting
12-5pm        Consumer Grand Tasting (Genral Admission)
12-5:30pm   Culinary Chef Demonstrations
                     Wine & Food Seminars
                     Organic & Slow Food Cuisine
                      Wine & Mixology Competition
                      VIP & Celebrity Appearances
1:30-5:30pm  Red Carpet Cru Tasting
8:00pm               Dinner & Entertainment

31 May  Sunday
10-4pm    Wine Seminars
                 Cooking Demonstrations
                 Medal & Award Announcements
12-4pm    Grand Tasting  (General Admission)

Isn’t it time to plan to attend the Wine & Food Festival of New Paltz?

For overnight reservations at the Mohonk Mountain House, call 888-976-0785
The Hotline number for the event is: 646-527-9500

Philip S. Kampe

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