Friday, February 27, 2015

"The Death of Screw Caps". You can thank @Coravin for that, #winelover!


Breaking news: According to my latest article - "The Death of Screw Caps." -, the future is bright and full of natural corks! :)

"I can’t agree with you more Luiz. I am Greg, the founder of Coravin, and I must admit, I hate screw tops because they prevent me from drinking wines the way I want to, which is any volume, any time, without compromise. I love cork and it’s incredible elasticity and longevity! I celebrate anytime a producer shifts back to cork. That said, I’m working on a system that works with screw tops. It won’t be as good as cork, but pretty good. I will use it, and I hope to make it available to all if I can. My preference in the end however, will always be for the beauty of the natural cork."  Greg Lambrecht  

So... keep calm, use cork... and keep drinking wine!

You can read the full article here:



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