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Gino Sorbillo of the World's #1 Pizza, Sorbillo, of Naples (Italy) Explains What Makes a Good Pizza by Philip S. Kampe

                                                             Gino Sorbillo

                                                             Pizza Sorbilla
Sorbillo Pizza, in the center of Napoli, is considered to be the best pizza from the city that gave birth to the pizza.

Since 1935, the Sorbillo family tradition of making Neapolitan pizza has followed the rules that guide pizza making for the pizza parlors in Naples. ‘Integrity to tradition’ is the key to Neapolitan pizza.
The traditional rules, as explained by Gino Sorbillo include the use of San Marzano tomatoes, extra virgin olive oil, a temperature of 450F on the oven’s dome, Brewer’s yeast, all ingredients are cooked inside the oven, with very few added afterward and the key rule, the dough has to rise somewhere between eight and twelve hours.

Gino explained that when the pizza is done, it’s really not ready to serve until you put your finger on the crust and press. If the crust levitates immediately, then the pizza is ready to serve after you make sure that crust is hollow and the mozzarella is not completely melted. All of those are good signs.

Gino explained that you must always look under the pizza at the crust and make sure that the black spots that are on the crust aren’t too numerous, because, if they are, the dough was made with too much flour.

Gino (I think his given name is Luigi) believes the tradition of his pizza is directly linked to Naples, with its history of art, music, crime and humanity.

Like Naples and its ever changing landscape, Gino’s pizza selections change quite often. Traditionally, Neapolitan pizza is served in two styles, marinara and margherita. Add the new inspirations, which occur daily, to Gino, and you have a pizza parlor with a revolving menu.

Recently, I visited Gino and his pizza parlor with local, Dante Stefano dell Vecchio, a prolific supporter of Campania and what the province has to offer to the world.

If Sorbillo Pizza is not in your itinerary when you visit Napoli, then you are missing what pizza is all about.

Who: Sorbillo Pizza
Where: Via Dei Tribunali 32
80121 Naples,Italy
Phone: 39 081 446 643
Hours: Open daily except Sunday

Philip S. Kampe

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