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Vinitaly 2016: Sunday, April 10th (13,30) Attend Francine Segan's lecture on Le Marche's Piceno Wines, titled, "'USA and Piceno: Love at First Sight'

Many years ago at the opening of Domodimonti Vineyards in Le Marche, I was introduced to the region quite dramatically. The van ride from the airport in Rome with Dr. Lucio Caputo (Italian Trade Commission), onboard, and several others, opened my eyes to the beauty of the region, only hours east of Rome. 

High mountains, open lands and the smell of sea air created my immediate love for Le Marche. The Piceno wines have a special quality, like none other. Maybe the sea breezes or the hillsides facing the sea play a part in their unique profile. Possibly, its the sustainability of the near perfect soil coupled with the ever present sun that makes this area of Italy nearly pest free.

I'm not sure what it is, but, I'm sure Francine Segan, famed food historian, knows why the Pecino wines from Le Marche are so special. On Sunday afternoon, April 10th,  at 1:30pm, Francine will present her lecture: USA and Piceno: Love at First Sight. The talk will be held at the Terazza Marche on the opening day of Vinitaly. Mrs. Segan will discuss the wines and the land of Piceno. Her presentation will include a wine tasting of the Piceno wines paired with Michelin star Chef Errico Recanati's pairing of the wines with hamburger made with Piceno beef.

Some of the Piceno wines poured include: Rosso Piceno, Offida Pecorino DOCG and Offida Passerina DOCG.

The Consortium for the Piceno region consists of 34 ordinary members. Their activities include Viticulture, winemaking and bottling. The 'Vin Pencini' Consortium was created specifically with the mission to safeguard and promote the local DOC wines worldwide. The wines have been produced,only in compliance with the specific regulations the Consortium has set-up.

The reality is simple: All the DOC Piceno wines follow specific guidelines.

If you attend Francine Segan's presentation, you should  agree that the Consortium has done their job.

When: April 10th
Time: 1:30pm
Where: Vinitaly Verona (Italy) Terazza Marche
Who: Francine Segan
What: A presentation titled: USA and Piceno: Love at First Sight

                                                              Francine Segan

Philip S. Kampe

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