Saturday, April 9, 2016

'Palazzo Petrucci', The Art of Food Design and Cooking Creatively in Naples by Philip S. Kampe

                                             Palazzo Petrucci Ristorante in Naples
                                                  The interior of the Ristorante


                                  Chef Lino Scarallo

There are some Michelin Star restaurants that rise above others. There is one such restaurant, Palazzo Petrucci, from Naples, Italy, that fits into that class.

Chef Lino Scarallo cooks or should I say, paints his creations in such a manor that each dish resembles a Modrian painting. It all makes sense visually, but, really what is it?

Recently, I had the opportunity to dine at his seaside restaurant with a small group of food and wine lovers. 

As each dish was put in front of us, a lively discussion took place. As you can see from the photographs, Chef Scarallo and his team won our admiration and respect. 

As visual as each course was, the final verdict is always the palate, as in this case, a universal 'Wow, how incredible was that!', was the chant.


Add ambiance, an educated waitstaff and amazing wines selected only for the meal and you have a dining experience second to none.



Palazzo Petrucci Ristorante
Via Posillipo 16 
Napoli, Italy 80123
+39 (081) 5757 538

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