Tuesday, September 12, 2017

'France In A Bottle' Selection Pas Mal has it all by Philip S.Kampe & Maria Reveley

Michael Fuerstein, founder and owner of Selection Pas Mall deserves 'double credit' (see the two photos?) for having the palate and ingenuity to bring a selection of rare and exciting French wines to the forefront of the New York area elite sommeliers, beverage managers and retail store owners whose customers simply demand the foremost wine selection for their businesses and homes.

Mr. Fuerstein is an elegant man-he even tries to kiss women's hands when he meets then, but, invariably kisses his own hand in jest. He is wise, quick witted and has been in the eyes of many because of his array of glasses (like the Europeans) and full grown mustache.

Beyond the looks, wise cracks and reality based speech, Michael shows a true talent in herding the finer wines from France. Champagne, white and red burgundies and various surprises make his portfolio tasting a true challenge for the palate. When you believe you have found the ultimate wine, the next one you taste is even better.

I have been educating my wife about wine for the past 15 years-but in her words-'today, I discovered what you have been talking about for years.'

The proof is in the pudding.

                                                  The Tasting Manual contents

Champagne houses Demiere-Ansiot, Jose Dhondt, Vazart-Coquart, Gerard Loriot, Salmon, Elodie D., Hubert Paulet, Baron Dauvergne, Camille Saves, Hure Freres and Pierre Gerbais were represented.

There were too many standouts at the 'White Burgundy and Red Burgundy' tables. Some of my favorite producers included: Domaine Nicolas Rossignol, Domaine Dublere, Domaine Dominique Mugneret, Domaine Digioia-Royer and Domaine Rossignol Trapet.

If you don't know about Selection Pas Mal, it is time to learn.


Philip S. Kampe

Maria Reveley

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