Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Tap into the TAP Lounge in Lisbon by Philip S. Kampe & Maria Reveley

                                       Tap into the TAP Lounge in Lisbon

Traveling Executive Class from Boston to Lisbon has its benefits.

Arriving in Lisbon via Boston at nine in the morning, we felt fresh and content with a three and a half  hour layover in the modern Lisbon airport.

After grazing the numerous high level shops, we took the escalator in the center of Terminal C to the TAP Lounge to spend our (my wife Maria was with me) hours enjoying the moment, while catching up on necessary work that would orient me for the next part of our journey.

Upon entering the TAP Lounge, the hostesses greeted us with huge smiles, looked at our tickets and wished us well during our stay. On the plus side, the lounge looked very upscale and was quite empty.

An hour later, the lounge began to fill up as it was ‘high time’ at the airport.

TAP’s lounge was large enough to accommodate the travelers. There were lots of chairs, tables and hidden areas where you could stretch out and actually rest. Plus, numerous food choices and a huge selection of worldwide magazines and newspapers

Barely hungry-due to the world class food in the Executive class, I chose without hesitation, the smoked salmon as my breakfast #2. Add a cup of piping hot coffee to start the morning off. That began my succession to the lavish buffet during the layover.

Our arrival time was perfect because as the day moved on, the buffet’s presentation shifted from breakfast to lunch. There were too many options.

Our food focus also shifted-it was the perfect time to start the day off with a Bloody Mary (see the photo). The bartender was as happy making the Bloody Mary for us, as we were drinking it. We felt he was the perfect bartender for the job.

The bar was well-stocked with all of the alcohol one would want and a very nice selection of wines, in fact, some of the wines recently won awards from ‘Global Traveler’ magazine as the top wines in the airline sector.

The morning passed into early afternoon and it was time to board our next flight in perfect spirits thanks to the exceptional hospitality at Lisbon’s TAP Lounge.

Philip S. Kampe

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