Friday, September 26, 2008

It's a Fascinating Wine World: 2.0

If you're are already participating. You are on the front edge of the Wine World's Social Media Community...and there's so much more. What places like The Wine Hub do...and many others is not just aggregate news, sales, bios, blogs, tech sheets and wine lovers...they work to create community. Technology is no longer about separating the fringe or computer geeks gaming for hours alone. It IS about bringing like minded people together, and not just online.

There are conversations, events, meetings, and change happening within and beyond our circle of wine lovers. And as all good students, we share a passion and curiosity for wine. We're not just thirsty for the exposure, the knowledge and the variety (pardon the apt pun), the community is essential to the lifestyle that is the essence of wine.

Wine brings people together anyway. A good bottle of wine is meant to be shared. Community. And, it is one of those things that we can be passionate about, sometimes even bull-headed..."I love Big Napa Cabs only, NO white wine for me!" ...until we find the context, circumstance, friend, food or right bottle...and then a great viognier opens up our world.

In that sense, wine and community keeps us young. If we're always learning, always sharing, connecting and exchanging ideas, we're engaged in the deepest part of life, in the moment, through our senses, with each other.
And the wealth of brilliant, artistic, engaged, connected community is staggering. You've made it this far. Keep connecting. Discoveries, wine discoveries, human connection are among the most exciting, engaging reasons to live...and have a BLAST doing it!


Here's a few to consider...and of course, you'll always want to come back to the Hub:

Wine Life Today
A blog by a very tech savy Wine Lover, Social Media Networker, Great Human.

Breakthrough tech. for wine lovers looking for ...well...the tech/wine convergence.

Wine 2.0
The nexus company working to bring tech and all wine lovers together with tastings, events, and more.

And for more about me: I'm WineDiverGirl.
Photo Image taken by Lisa Adams Walter at Wine 2.0 Tasting in New York City (9.18.08)

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