Monday, January 5, 2009

2009 and some dust.

When Luiz Alberto asked me on OpenwineConsortium to bring my contribution to TheWineBlog my reaction at first was : WHAT THE HECK !? With my sloppy english o' mine, and the rust on my wine appreciation tools, what will I write and what will I do ?
So, I look upon TheWineHub, and think about it twice.

A website that has a globe-trotter vision of the wine world, just like mine. Nice.
A place where I could share my opinion on North America's products, and especially Quebec's (well, we are a true quebeccer with the lily flower on the heart, or we aren't!). So, one of my hundreds lasting neurons told to his neighbor : Hey dude ! Let's get goin' ! Just move with me to the nose and the thongue, so we can make a party and change her mind !
And if you are reading carefully from the start, you can tell right now that the thousand-one neighbors of this little silly neuron have moved together and conviced my reason to get rid of my shyness and to so damn write down here.

So, with my Harrap's French/English dictionnary as a weapon, and my Webster as a shield, I am taking my slooooooppy english, to get it better and see a whole new aspect of myself facing the wine.

Let me introduce myself a little bit before going farther.
My name is Alexandra, and I am also Assoiffée (that we can translate by : Thirsty). French blogging, I would describe myself as an amalgam between a gamer, a geekette, a meltal-head and a sommelier. Weird thing huh ? That could be simply this, but I like to get off the rails, like a Crazy Train. Well, enough talk about me for now, we aren't intimate yet, but ice is broken.

2009 is a new millesime, and lots of discoveries are awaiting !

So what will I talk about in this post ?

There is so much things to talk about, that I am wondering...

I told earlier that I am a sommelier. So, what is a sommelier ?
At my eyes, a sommelier is a person that is specialised in the service of anything that can be drunk. For some people, we are getting paid to drink. For others, we are glorified alcoholics.
Myself, I feel like I am an eternal student, always learning everyday, discovering things that I would never get in mind about their own existence, and mor of that, I am thirsty. Thirsty to discover, to know, and very thirsty in the physical way.
So, I am not only focusing on wines. I also focus on spirits, on beers, on liquors, on waters, on teas, on coffees, on juices... well, anything that can be drunk ! Alcohol or not ! So, finally, I think that a sommelier is someone who is sacrificing his/her taste buds, liver and stomach to save yours, and for the gastronomy advent !

Well, after this few words, I can not leave you without talking about a Quebec's product (I told earlier that I was a true quebeccer, with the lily/fleur-de-lys tattooed on the heart right?), something lightly different from the Icewines made in our neighbor province of Ontario.

Let me introduce you...

Cristaux de Givre is a sweet white wine, made by the vineyard ''Domaine Moulin du Petit-Pré'', at the Island of Orléans. Cartier, during his firsts travels in what will be later the Quebec, has given to this island the nickname of Isle-de-Bacchus, according to the wild vines growing everywhere. So this area offers a correct climate to let the vines and grape grow.

With the help of the VQA (Vintners Quality Alliance) and the AVQ (Alliance of Vintners in Quebec), little producers are making better products years after years, like you know, our wine history here is not as old than in Europe.

Well, enough about history and geography, this could be a nice post later.

This product, ''Cristaux de Givre'' (translate by ''Frost Crystal''), was a fabulous surprise for me.
First of all, I had never tasted any wine made of Vandal-Cliche. And this meeting was famous !
Dark straw-yellowed, and a little bit sirupy in the glass, this shy wine needed to be warmed up a bit. Too cold, it was keeping its delicate aromas for itself !
Being intimate with, well it was a way to put the shyness away and to warm up the things between the wine and me!, smells begin to come out. Cooked spartan apple, apricot, bee wax (something I ''see'' often in sweet wines from North America). Almost normal for me. But, because there is a but, the best was yet to come. Spices aromas. Cinnamon, cloves, nutmeg. Just like a good ol' grandma's apple croustade !

A sip. Nice acidity, good sugar. Sweet enough, to caress the thongue and the mouth, acid enough to tell : Hey ! I still there ! Don't close your eyes too fast, don't orgasm now, I AM HERE !
Well, maybe this was abused, but I really really liked this one. Nothing to envy to the Sauternes to accompany foie gras or blue cheese.

If you want to try to get this wine, maybe you can communicate directly with the vineyard :

Vineyard and boutique Moulin du Petit-Pré :

7021, Avenue Royale
Château-Richer, (Québec), G0A 1N0
Phone : 418-824-7077
Fax: 418-824-3379

Enough for today, see you soon and don't forget to drink wisely.

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