Thursday, January 22, 2009

Rare wines since 1860 avaliable for sale.

What about that???Exclusive wine "treasure" collections now for sale!

Rare collections of old wines dated since the 1860 located on spot are now available...
All bottles are kept in temperature ranging from 57.2 to 62.6 Fahrenheit,humidity 68-75% at the underground space of our cellar.None of the bottles has suffered from level loss,which is a phenomenon seen on bottles over 20-25 years.Bottles are kept in zero to no light and absent of sounds.It is on buyers hands to know how to treat to a wine like those, from the time he receives it,people who got the knowledge on old wines will appreciate those "treasures" from wine houses across the world.

Prices range from 400-1600Euros
1860 Bottle price upon request

Do not hesitate to ask for your collectible "treasure"
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