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MANUAEL FARINA , one of the owner's of Spain's (TORO) family (Farina) owned vineyard, is a wonderful and happy gentleman who is blessed with a positive disposition and a personality that wins everyone over. I was happy to join Manuela at a focused tasting with several other notable journalists including Ed McCarthy (Wine for Dummies) and writer, legendary speech maker and Spanish travel and food authority, Gerry Dawes.

The event took place at Manhattan's 'Colicchio and Sons' and was hosted by Melanie Young Communications and her staff. Melanie Young's agency is a leading New York-based public relations and wine related event agency with top clients from around the world.
BODEGAS FARINA fits into that catagory.

A little history lesson about BODEGAS FARINA:
++ Founded in 1942 by SALVADOR FARINA
++ The vineyard is located near the medieval city of TORO
++ The vineyard is near the banks of the famed DUERO River
++ BODEGAS FARINA is noted for scarce rainfall, stony soils and high altitude
++ The proximity to the DUERO River moderates the temperature of the vineyard
++ BODEGAS FARINA is run by MANUEL Farina with his sons, BERNARDO and MANUEL JR.
++ BERNARDO FARINA is the Winemaker
++ The TORO region was reognized as a D.O. in 1987
++ MANUEL FARINA is noted as the true pioneer and founding father for the TORO region
++ BODEGAS FARINA is considered a state-of-the-art winery
++ BODEGAS FARINA uses both stainless steel and French and American oak barrels
++ ALL wines are made with either TINTA de TORO (Tempranillo) or Malvasia

BODEGAS FARINA wines are distributed throughout the world and are leading values for wines that come from the D.O. TORO region.

The wines that we tasted were priced from $9.99 to $14.99 per bottle ( A true bargain!)

Upon arrival, we were treated with a DUEBA OLD VINES SPARKLING MALVASIA, followed by a 2009 DAMA de TORO MALVASIA. Both wines were somewhat dry and rich with flavor.

Our first course consisted of Spice-Roasted Lobster with cabbage and Bodegas Farina Red Wine Sauce. The lobster was paired with A 2009 PEROMATO and A 2009 DAMA de TORO TEMPRANILLO. This match was made in heaven, as the wines were both fruity and rich, pairing perfectly with the delicate lobster.

Our second course consited of White Bean Agnoltti with Chorizo, Pork Belly and Octopus. This complex dish was paired with two amazing wines, a 2008 DAMA de TORO BARREL-AGED TEMPRANILLO and a 2004 DAMA de TORO CRIANZA.

The main course was an incredible Lamb Loin with Marquez and Lentils. Chef Tom Colicchoio's restaurant is Rated as one of New York's Finest ( Top Ten). This dish is certainly one of the reasons. BODEGAS FARINA brought out their heavy-weight wine, the 2004 GRAN DAMA de TORO to pair with this labor intensive, creative entree. The wine was complex, well structured and pleasently elegent. It paired beautifully with this incrdible dish.

To top off the meal, Chef Colicchio served a Chocolate Expresso Tart with Blood Orange Sorbet, which was a perfect match for the VAL de REYES LATE HARVEST TEMPRANILLO that we were served.

BODEGAS FARINA'S Wines are wines of exceptional quality and value. They are a perfect match for both complex and simple food pairings.

MANUEL FARINA and the FARINA Family wines from TORO should be on your list as "MUST WINES TO PURCHASE".


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