Monday, April 5, 2010

Top 10 players of our weekly wine quiz - March Edition

Congratulations to Mark Shipway and to the other top 10 players of the weekly wine quiz.
Great job!

1st - SHIPWAY MARK - 3800pts

2nd - COCHARD MARK - 3700pts

3rd - KINNAN DON - 3650pts

4th - BASSET FRANCIS - 3600pts

5th - MALAGRIFA PAUL - 3600pts

6th - BOULANGER RODOLPHE - 3600pts

7th - WELLS EVAN - 3550pts

8th - ROSS RICK - 3550pts

9th - MCNALLY NEIL - 3500pts

10th - CROSLEY JOE - 3500pts

To play our quizzes, please go to and click on "Test you Knowledge"
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