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GOOD earth WINERY...Possibly INDIA'S "BEST WINERY" by Philip S. Kampe


GOOD earth WINERY produces wines form the NASHIK Valley. INDIA'S answer to our NAPA Valley minus monsoon season.

GOOD earth WINERY launched their wines in the U.S., with a tasting for the Trade and Media at Danny Meyer's TABLA restaurant in Manhattan (Madison Avenue at 24th).
Floyd Cardoz is the executive chef.

The vineyard released the wines in MUMBAI about a year ago.

+India's wine industry is based in only two states: MAHARASHTRA (Mumbai is the capial) and KARNATAKA (Bangalore). MAHARASHTRA dominates the production, with KARNATAKA is a distant second.

+Annual production is about 30 million liters, growing at 25% annually.

+Three big cities consume 80% of the wine that is produced: MUMBAI, NEW DELHI and BANGALORE.

+ Over the past 20 years, CABERNET SAUVIGNON, SHIRAZ, SAUVIGNON BLANC and CHENIN BLANC are the mainstay for the wines produced in the NASHIK Valley.

+ The Nashik Valley rises from the banks of the GODAVARI river at the edge of the 'Western Ghats', about 100 miles northeast of the coastal town of Mumbai. The region lies OUTSIDE of the traditional temperate latitude zones most conductive for the growth of grape vines. Fortunately, the region's combination of altitude (2400 feet), summer weather of 93F and winter minimum of 25F mixed with small-graveled red lateritic soil has demonstrated potential to create high quality grapes.

+ The NASHIK Valley has been termed as "India's Napa Valley", supporting more than two dozen wineries.

GOOD earth WINERY introduced three 2008 Vintage wines, each paired with Indian food created by the Chef at Tabla.

ALL of the Vines at GOOD earth WINERY are 8-10 years old.
The results were OUTSTANDING!

AAROHI (Sauvignon Blanc) is made in stainless steel containers. This lively, food friendly wine was medium bodied with aromas of banana and guava. The palate exploded with tropical fruit and grass. It is one of those perfect,easy drinking white wines that is crisp in the summer and full of body year round.
Chef Cardoz served Pumpkin soup and Hamachi tartare with this wine.
It was a match made in heaven.
AAROHI is also a perfect wine to pair with fish, shrimp and salads laden with spice.
At $15 a bottle, this wine is a good value.

BRIO (Shiraz) is oak aged for 12 months , then bottle aged for another 12 months. The grapes are handpicked at their peak of ripeness with utmost care, according to GIRISH MHARTRE, founder of GOOD earth WINERY.
BRIO is a medium bodied Shiraz, which is purple in color and has old world aromas similar to that of a musty basement. On the palate, a complex wine exists, full of spiciness tempered by dark ripe fruit (blackberries and plums).
The chef created two special dishes that paired perfectly with the BRIO: Creamy polenta with wild mushrooms and Grilled pork sausage with Indian sauerkraut.
Beyond the chef's special dishes, BRIO is a perfect wine for pasta, chicken or pizza.
At $19.99 a bottle this wine is a steal.

BASSO (Cabernet Sauvignon) is oak aged for 12 months, then bottle aged for another 12 months. This was my favorite wine of the group. This 'noble' grape produces some of the Best wines in the world. Maybe it's the conducive soil of the Nashik Valley or maybe 2008 was a banner year, but, whatever the reason, BASSO is a crowd pleaser.
At $17.99 a bottle, you are in for an ADVENTURE.
Ruby red in color and decanted, this medium bodied wine has hints of dark fruit mixed with layers of freshly ground pepper. BASSO is well balanced with aromas of caramel, burnt toast and plum.
Chef Cardoz created perfect appetizers for this exceptional BASSO wine: Braised oxtail over potato puree and Duck samosas.
This complex wine goes well, also, with roasted lamb and grilled meats.
BASSO is of EXCEPTIONAL quality at an affordable price.


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