Thursday, July 7, 2011

NICOLAS PALAZZI --The SPIRIT of PM by Philip S. Kampe

PM stands for PAUL MARIE & FILS Spirits. The company name is a Tribute to NICOLAS PALAZZI'S late father, PAUL-MARIE PALAZZI.

PAUL MARIE & FILS Spirits stands for "PASSION for COGNAC ENTHUSIASTS". Nicolas provides the Best, Untouched Cognacs, that were Never destined to be put on the market, but, were kept in the small cellars of distillers for private family use.

Nicolas Palazzi is a true master of the Cognac trade for America. He seeks out these rare caskets from France's Cognac region, and crafts the eaux-de-vie(water of life)into single bottles for the true cognac collector. The GOAL of Nicolas is to share with his clients the "ULTIMATE COGNAC EXPERIENCE" and give them the opportunity to taste and sip pure expression from these fabled caskets.

PM Spirits is a small company with a big objective. Find high-end and rare spirits and bring them back to America. Cognac is the main focus. Presently, Nicolas is selling GUILLON PAINTURAUD and PAUL BEAU Cognac, as well as PAUL-MARIE & FILS Pineaau. In additon to those cognacs, Nicolas is bringing in a GRAPPA from FRANK CORNELISSEN and a Spanish made ABSINTHE.

I have had the pleasure of sampling numerous 'FINDS' of Nicolas and have been taken to another level of spirits enjoyment, sniffer by sniffer.

To Contact Nicolas Palazzi, e-mail him at:

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