Monday, July 11, 2011

{yellow tail} "MOSCATO" Scores a BULLSEYE by Philip S. Kampe

It's 92 degrees outside...the Sun is shining...and the Humidity feels like New Orleans on an August afternoon....

This weather makes you thirsty...A couple of beverages come to mind....a nice cold Beer...a glass of New Zealand style Sauvignon Blanc...a glass of Rose...or a sparkling beverage, like Prosecco DOCG, Champagne, Cremant...or even a nice chilled glass of MUSCAT.

Fortunately, Thanks to Elizabeth Krpic, of W.J. Deutsch, a bottle of {yellow tail} MOSCATO was chilling in my fridge. And today is a perfect day to sample this 7.5% Moscato, tagged as a "Lil' Sweet and a Lil' Fizzy".

With the screw top off, I poured a glass of this tropical smelling wine. Small bubbles fizzled and talked to me...I was in the zone...only a second away from the first taste...the wine hit my palate...there was a sharp tingle inside my mouth...the Moscato was talking to me in fruit adding up to a balanced, somewhat acidic, tasting wine..

My second fizzy sip brought floral tones of lavander and honeysuckle to my palate..
I wanted more... At $6.99 for a 750ml bottle or $11.99 for a 1.5 liter bottle, I found my summer drink..

Last year it was Rose, the year before was the introduction to St. Germaine and in 2008 it was New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc.

This year it is {yellow tail} "MOSCATO".
At $6.99 a bottle, and a Winner of a DOUBLE GOLD at this years 'San Francisco Wine Competition', this is easily the "BEST SUMMER WINE BUY OF THE YEAR"

One of the pillars of TheWineHub is Wine Tourism. Whether you are a wine maker, or a wine drinker, we all enjoy having discoveries...
TheWineHub exists to help you with that. 
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