Sunday, August 14, 2011

New Zealand Wines (on the New York Times 08-14-2011)

The “New” in agricultural New Zealand defines the country’s status in New World winedom. It evokes scrubbed air, brilliant sunlight, glinting high technology and the diamond sheen of southwestern Pacific waters.
Similar clarity pervades its strong suit, whites. Adjectives like pungent, lithe, clean and refreshing apply especially to the signature sauvignon blancs; to broadly findable chardonnays, rieslings and pinot gris; and to rarer gewürztraminers and sémillons.
Among reds, pinot noir, notably from idyllic Central Otago, has won the most attention; by 2009, the industry expects pinot noir, which is partly sluiced into sparkling wine, to be the second most widely planted grape (behind sauvignon); merlot may become the fourth (after chardonnay, the third). Syrah is a comer.

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