Monday, August 15, 2011

Philosophically speaking... Roger Scruton in his book "I Drink Therefore I Am"

Some things that I wish I had said myself... or not... but they have been said by Roger Scruton in his book "I Drink Therefore I Am".
  • "My purpose is to defend the opinion once attributed to Plato, that - nothing more excellent or valuable than wine was ever granted by gods to man" - Amen
  • "Wine is the only antidote to whiskey"
  • "While we are familiar with the adverse effect of drink on an empty stomach, we are now witnessing the far worse effect of drink on an empty mind"
  • It is against sanctimony and base prudence that much of my argument is directed, not in order to encourage vice, but in order to show that wine is compatible with virtue"
  • "In my view wine is an excellent accompaniment to food; but it's a better accompaniment to thought"
  • "Wine, drunk at the right time, in the right place, and in the right company, is the path to meditation, and the harbinger of peace"
  • "To think you can judge a wine from its taste and aroma alone is like thinking you can judge a Chinese poem by its sound, without knowing the language"
  • "You could say that wine is probably as old as civilization; I prefer to say that it is civilization, and that the distinction between civilized countries is the distinction between the places where it is drunk and the places where it isn't" - OUCH! I don't think I would have had the guts to say this one... What about you?
  • "Wine vividly reminds us that thoughts maybe connected by association, even if not by logic"
  • "Through wine the distilled essence of the soil seems to flow into the veins, awakening the body to its life. And having swamped the body wine invades the soul"
  • "For wine reminds the soul of its bodily origin, and the body of its spiritual meaning"
  • "There is a knowledge contained in wine, a knowledge that you yourself bring to it: in your close encounter with the aroma you sense that all is ultimately at rest in its being, each thing curled like an embryo within its own appearance. And with that first sip each evening, you return to a world of amniotic tranquility" - Is this deep enough for you?
  • "Our experience of wine is bound up with is nature as a drink - a liquid which slides smoothly into the body, lighting the flesh as it journeys down"
  • "There is more at stake when it comes to taste in wine than mere taste, and the adage that the gustibus non est disputandum is as false here as it is in aesthetics. We are not disputing about a physical sensation, but about choices in which we are fully engaged as rational agents"
  • "You should drink what you like, in the quantities that you like. It may hasten your death, but this small cost will be offset by the benefits to everyone around you" - Man, I love this guy! :)
  • "You should not, through your drinking, inflict pain on others: drink as much as you like, but put away the bottle before gaiety gives way to gloom. Drinks which have a depressive effect - water for example - should be taken in small doses, for medical reasons only"- Yes, I really do!
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