Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Portuguese grape variety of the day: Antão Vaz

Grape variety: Antão Vaz
Color: White
Originally from:
Concentration of Anthocianins: Low
Budding: Mid season
Length of the bunches: Long
Compactness (clusters): High
Size of the cluster: Medium
Alcohol potential: Medium
Total acidity: Low
Very susceptible to: Downy mildew
Best soils: Deep and dry. Fertile
Ripens: Late
Production: Medium-High
Certified clones: 50 JBP
Regions in Portugal where it is most planted: Alentejo (Vidigueira)

This is one of the most prized varieties of the Alentejo, until recently grown almost exclusively around Vidigueira. Well suited to the warm and sunny climate on the great plains of the Alentejo, it is reliable and productive, consistent in its ripening. The bunches are big and not too tightly packed, the grapes large, with tough skins. As a rule it produces firm, full-bodied, well-structured wines. Made as a single variety, it has lively aromas, with hints of ripe tropical fruits, tangerine peel and something mineral, along with good structure and body. If picked early, it gives wines with vibrant aroma and crisp acidity. Left to ripen longer, it can reach high levels of alcohol, making it a good candidate for barrel maturation. It is often blended with Roupeiro and Arinto, which contribute refreshing acidity.

Source: "Castas de Portugal Volume 1"

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