Sunday, April 22, 2012

Portuguese grape variety of the day: Alfrocheiro

Grape variety: Alfrocheiro
Color: Red
Originally from: Dão
Concentration of Anthocianins: Medium-high
Budding: Early
Length of the bunches: Very short
Compactness (clusters): Medium
Size of the cluster: Medium
Alcohol potential: High
Total acidity: Low
Very susceptible to: Powdery mildew, botrytis and hydric stress
Best soils: Sandy – Low fertility
Production: medium
Ripens: Early
Certified clones: 41JBP
Regions in Portugal where it is most planted: Dão – Alentejo

This is a Dão grape by origin, but it has spread successfully southwards into the Alentejo, Ribatejo/Tejo and Palmela regions because of its ability to retain good acidity even in hot climates. The wines are rich in color with firm but ripe tannins and a good balance of tannins, alcohol, acidity and attractive, berry fruit, reminiscent in particular of blackberries and ripe strawberries. The vines are vigorous, requiring more attention than many other varieties to keep the vegetation under control, and they are prone to attack by oidium and botrytis.

Source: "Castas de Portugal Volume 1"

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