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Wines of Brazil, birthplace of Luiz & Nanci Alberto, RISE 23% in 2012

Volume of Brazilian fine wine exports 

grows 23% in 2012

Figures from Wines of Brasil have also registered a growth in exported value, in the number of buying countries 
and company members
A growth of 23% in volume and 6% in value are some of the positive indices observed in the balance of export results 
of exported bottled fine wines of Wines of Brasil project in 2012. The project winery members accounted for 
US$ 3.25 million in sales abroad last year, against US$ 3.06 million in 2011. In the same comparison, the exported 
value went from 705.6 thousand liters to 868.7 thousand liters. The result obtained by the Wines of Brasil company 
 members represents 48% of the general total of Brazilian wine exports.
In the overall 2012 data analysis, due to an operation carried out in relation to Russia via Production Flow Award (PEP),
 2.78 million liters of bulk wine were commercialized to this country, with a financial result of US$ 1.39 million. 
This operation, carried out as a one-off last year, represented 76.24% of the total exported volume and 30% of the value
 invoiced by the Wines of Brasil project. Due to being bulk wine and an operation instigated via a regulating tool of 
stocks from the Federal Government, for measuring effects, this data will not be considered as part of the project’s
 commercial effort. Wines of Brasil, a project carried out by Ibravin in partnership with the Brazilian Trade and Investment 
Promotion Agency (Apex/Brazil) to promote fine Brazilian wine abroad, celebrated the fact that it has expanded the number 
of company members from 35 to 39,  with 15 of them exporting in 2012, sending their labels to 33 different countries,
 compared to 31 in 2011. “We have a lot of room to grow in the international market. The initiatives’ results in the last years
 by the project are reverberating now and Brazil has gained attention thanks to the sporting events such as the FIFA World Cup
 and the Olympics. Thus, I believe that in 2013 we will have even better results”, analyses the director of promotion for the
Brazilian Wine Institute (Ibravin) Andreia Gentilini Milan.
Out of the eight countries considered priority by the project, seven have shown a growth in sales, and in six of them – 
China/Hong Kong, United Kingdom, Poland, Sweden, Canada and Germany – exports by the project’s company members 
represented 100% of wines sales carried out in Brazil.

China is the great highlight in performance in the country
In the performance analysis by country, the highlight is China, which until 2010 was a non-existent destination for 
Brazilian wines. In only two years the country took the first position in the ranking in export values of bottled fine wines. 
In 2012, China had a growth of 66% in exported value compared to 2011, accounting for US$ 621.5 thousand.
 In terms of volume, the growth rose 59% in the same period, with 73.2 thousand liters. 
The country also showed one of the highest average values per exported liter, from US$ 8.14 to US$ 6 of average 
registered in the eight target countries. Another interesting data point is that exports from the Wines of Brasil 
company members represent 93% of the general wine exports to this market.
In 2012, Wines of Brasil has basically doubled the number of activities developed for Brazilian wine international promotion. 
Eighty-one initiatives were distributed in commercial promotion projects, positioning and image, information, 
 production support and quality and information availability, compared to 43 initiatives carried out in 2011. 
These initiatives are made up of eight international fairs, eight buyer’s projects, 10 image projects with foreign
 journalists and opinion formers, eight Master Classes and 32 tastings with specialized public, amongst other activities.
For 2013, the project’s established goal is to reach US$ 5.3 thousand million in exports. “In 2013 we want to participate 
effectively in the markets of United States, China, United Kingdom and Germany for, in few years, to become a steady 
option in the consumers’ minds in these countries”, explains Andreia.
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