Monday, December 23, 2013

Christmas without Luiz Alberto and Nanci Bergamo by Philip S. Kampe

Our fearless leader and his beautiful wife travel home, yearly, to beautiful Brazil for the Holidays.
It is a ritual and one that is necessary when family and friends are so far away from your residence.
Luiz Alberto and Nanci Bergamo altered their lifestyle this year, by moving from rural New Jersey (did I really say 'rural' and NJ in the same sentence?) to the greener pastures, for Nanci's future, to Wellsley, Massachusetts, home of the Red Sox, Celtics and Patriots.

Why do I mention Nanci & Luiz in my article--easy--they were invited to our Christmas Tree Trimming--bring an ornament and hang it on the tree--Party, which took place at our 26th floor apartment, near Hoboken, NJ, directly across the Hudson from NYC.

The party has been a tradition that my wife started nearly 30 years ago.
Our one bedroom apartment, nearly 850sf, is traditionally filled with 30-40 guests, mostly my wife's friends, none, in the wine business.

If Luiz and Nanci attended, then the wine world's representation at the party would have been pristine, as the 'World's #1 Winelover' would have changed the choice of the wines I was serving.
Without Luiz, the chance of a vintage wine or one with a price tag above $12 would not be found in the apartment. With Luiz, the 'Special Wines' would have been poured, discussed and enjoyed.
What I forgot was that I invited a friend, Stephanie Jackenthal, to the party. She is a real wine person and a published wine author.
Google her...

Well, my embarrassment began when she looked at the wines being served and said, ' Hey Dude, where are the good wines?'  My answer was simple--you are looking at them--what was probably acceptable for Stephanie was long consumed several hours before her arrival.
I guess, what I am getting at is, 'Should you pour only wine that you would drink at a party for 30-40 people that lasts 8 hours?' or should you, as I normally do, hide a few good bottles to share with your trade industry friends. I chose the latter, but, didn't do so, because Luiz and Nanci weren't coming.
I forgot about Stephanie.
It was a small predicament, but, one that should have been avoided.

Philip S. Kampe

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