Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Nicolas Feuillatte Introduces "D'Luscious', a 'World-Class 'Demi-Sec Rose'--in time for Valentine's Day by Philip S. Kampe

                         Pamela Wittmann, founder of Millissime PR, joins in the Festivities

You never know who you may run into at ‘Opening Night’ wine events, in this case, the unveiling of a new Cuvee from France’s #1 consumed Champagne, Nicolas Feuillatte.
As you can see from the photographs, the introduction of “D’Luscious’ Demi-Sec Rose took New York by storm.
Many fans of Nicolas Feuiillatte showed up for the premier of what tastes like another ‘Success’ for Cellar Master David Henault and his staff from the #3 Selling Champagne in the world.
It was by no accident when Mr. Henault created this world class affordable Rose. The world is ripe for Rose, according to statistics from the Champagne Bureau USA.
Over the past decade, the shipment of Rose from the Champagne region of France has enjoyed significant growth in the U.S.—just last year over 2.7 million bottles of Rose were shipped to the U.S., comprising 15.3% of all shipments to this country.
More and more Americans understand that Champagne only comes from Champagne, The fact that Nicolas Feuillatte Champagnes are the most widely consumed Champagnes in France justifies the ‘Rare’ edition of a new style of sparkling to their portfolio.
Nicolas Feuillatte’s growth has taken the Champagne industry by storm. Having been established in 1978, the company has grown leaps and bounds, year after year.
According to the growth chart for the industry, it only makes sense to add a new Rose to their prestigious portfolio.
D’Luscious is comprised of Pinot Noir, Chardonnay and Pinot Meunier. Aged to perfection for three years, this Cuvee is full-bodied, lots of small bubbles that remain in your flute, rich in flavor, specifically dark and red fruits- blueberries, cherries, raspberries and strawberries.
My first taste immediately made me realize that this Cuvee was sophisticated, yet lively.
Pair D’Luscious with all types of food, including truffles, mountain cheese (brings Comte to mind) and spicy foods.
The acidity in D’Luscious calls for food.
It is an off dry, barely sweet wine that is crisp and round with a velvety, long finish.

D’Luscious is my Valentine Champagne of choice.  It has all of the characteristics, my wife, Maria, would enjoy--acidity, off-dry with a subtle sweetness and a real food wine that can handle spice--think Indian.

At under $59 a bottle, why not make your Valentine Happy?

                                     D'Luscious--a perfect Valentine Champagne

Philip S. Kampe
Photos by Charles Roussel

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