Thursday, June 19, 2014

The 34th Annual Holland Herring Festival Kicks off at Grand Central Oyster Bar by Philip S. Kampe

Dutch Counsel General Rob de Vos and Executive Chef Sandy Ingber swallow maatjes herring to kick-off the Festival that runs through July 5th at Grand Central Oyster Bar

Whether you drink a Dutch Martini, made with Ketel One vodka and Bols Genever Gin or a Heineken Dutch beer, with your first of the season, flown in daily from the Netherlands, "Maatjes Herring", served solely at the Grand Central Oyster Bar (NYC), there is no doubt your experience of tasting the 'freshest herring in America', will be with you for days to come.

                                                  Maatjes Herring Filets

My herring experience started immediately as I was seated. Waiter extraordinaire, Mohammad, suggested that I should start my herring experience with the famous 'Maatjes Herring' filets ($7.00)served with a chopped hard boiled egg, sweet onions and chives. Mohammad suggested a glass of cold Heineken and a Dutch Martini would help round out the first course of my all maatjes herring meal. My herring, egg, onion, chive mixture was so good that I felt like I was twenty years old, again,sampling the maatjes herring on the
waterfront in Amsterdam, as I did during summer break from college. It was deja vu.

My second herring course, unequivocally, should be in the 'All Star Herring Hall of Fame'. It was herring salad made with beets, pickles, walnuts, apples, eggs and sour cream. The herring salad ($7.95) was sweet, tasty and lingering on the palate. It was the best I have ever had--probably due to the freshness of the herring and Chef Sandy Ingber's unique recipe.

                                            The extraordinary Herring Salad at Grand Central Oyster Bar 

The Grand Central Oyster Bar, for three decades, has been the destination in America for the first Holland herring of the season. Herring arrives daily, air expressed, from Scheveningen, the Netherlands, on the North Sea, where the herring fleet makes its home. The Grand Central Oyster Bar receives the very first herring shipped to the U.S. The herring is the 'cream of the crop'.
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Philip S. Kampe


Earl S. said...

Interesting article. I never realized what a big thing rollmops were.

Earl S. said...

great article. I did not know how popular herring is.

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