Sunday, June 15, 2014

'The Wine & Food Festival of New Paltz'--only 350 days away! by Philip S. Kampe & Maria Reveley

                                                     The Ramic Family

It’s only 350 days to the much anticipated 2015 version of the ‘Wine & Food Festival of New Paltz’.

The brainchild and co-founder of the festival, Sam Ramic and his lovely wife, Dushka Ramic, with the generous help from the International Wine Masters pulled off a fascinating wine and food festival that was like none other. The difference was simple—everyone attending felt like they were part of the family. There was a unity and respect for one another that transcended typical wine and food festivals where events and people normally get lost in the shuffle.

The three day event took place in the spacious and historical hotel, Mohonk Mountain House, the ‘gem’ of the Hudson Valley.
Sam Ramic completes the 'Saber Ceremony' successfully.

Upon arrival, we (my wife Maria and I)  were whisked off to the Sunset Porch at Mohonk to experience the opening night ‘Meet and Greet Reception’, hosted by the founding committee. The highlight of the reception was the ‘Saber Ceremony’, the uncorking of the Bellussi bubbly with a saber, completed successfully in Sam Ramic’s unique saber uncorking style.

I must share a special heartfelt welcoming message from Dushka and Sam Ramic, “ As longtime members of this community, Sam and I decided to create a festival where the beauty and uniqueness of New Paltz will be combined with our passion for wine and food. Our ambition is to bring people together from near and far to celebrate and experience the enchantment of the Hudson Valley at Mohonk Mountain House”

Let the games begin!

For the next forty-two hours, Dushka, Sam and the Hudson Valley at Mohonk were in our lives. We experienced wine with Kevin Zraly, broke bread with Lidia Bastianich, danced with Dushka and met proud father, Sam’s (& Dushka’s) beautiful children. We felt like we were at a wedding, this one, the ‘Marriage of Wine to Food’, hosted by Sam, Dushka and the International Wine Masters.
 The students at the Culinary Institute of America had a 'cook-off'. The judges accompany the winners.

Yes, I can tell you that the seminars led by Steven Koplan, Lidia Bastianich, Michael Weiss, Lou DiPalo, Mile Rupcic, Ric Orlando, Kevin Zraly and Anthony Giglo were amazing, the wines from around the world were outstanding, the cheese from the Italian Trade Agency unbelievable, the cooking demonstrations by Rosanna DiMichele, Marcus Guiliano, David McCue were wonderful, the Istrian food by Ines was mouthwatering  and the truffles from Urbani, heaven.  
                                       Crowd favorite Lidia Bastianich.

It’s easy for me to tell you how wonderful the 2014 ‘Wine & Food Festival of New Paltz’ was, but, with a little luck and pre-planning, you can attend the 2015 version.

It’s only 350 days away!

  The  partners: Italian Trade Agency (ITA) and Wine World Wide Inc. (WWW) and sponsors: CTG, The Lost Tribe, Emperor’s Brand, Chronogram, IWG, Apuzzo Kitchens, Vignobles Terroir, Empire State Bank, Verum, Casa Cornoer, Bastianich, Piera Belpoggio Collesole Cantine and Bellussi helped make the event possible.

Follow the 2015 ‘Wine & Food Festival of New Paltz’ at:

Philip S. Kampe
Maria Reveley


Jim N. said...

We are counting the days until the 2015 Festival. Its on our calendar.

Merle G. said...

Great article. I will attend next year. Let NYC know ahead of time.

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