Wednesday, April 15, 2015

SATYR Picks...the Best Small Wine Portfolio in America b Philip S. Kampe

It happens.

On a busy wine tasting day, I had a feeling that the lack of internet presence for the wines from SATYR was a marketing ploy. If you Google SATYR and the word Wine, you come up with very little information. I wanted to crack the code and attended a tasting of their wines in a small covered outdoor room at the Margaux restaurant in Greenwich Village (New York).

I had come from a huge 'Pinot in the City' tasting, as well as the Ole Imports portfolio tasting at the Cervantes Institute. Both tastings were exceptional, but, no surprises.

SATYR was going to be the surprise--at least I had hoped so.

From the first sip to the last, the SATYR PICKS portfolio tasting brought under $40 a bottle wholesale price wine to a new level of lushness. Each wine was carefully picked, so, it could show like none other in the same category.

And I did break the code--you can find their wines at

Philip S. Kampe
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