Monday, November 18, 2019

L’Aperitivo Nonino-The Nonino Women Are Up to It Again by Philip S. Kampe

The Fifth generation of the Nonino family work together in the family business, which was created in Friuli, Italy in 1897. They are master distillers, whose spirits have been recognized worldwide for their quality and high standards.
The first time I sampled a Nonino grappa was at our relatives restaurant, La Capannina, on the island of Capri. Since that day, twenty years ago, Nonino products have been in my life and those that I entertain. 
Needless to say, when the Nonino sisters, Elizabetta, Antonella and Cristina get together and brainstorm about what product to focus on for future sales, a discussion followed about highlighting their grandmothers grappa. 
Their grandmother was Silvia Milocco. She was the first woman in Italy to produce grappa. In 1940 she created L’Aperitivo Nonino. It was lost to the war and just resurfaced as L’Aperitivo Nonino Botanical, thanks to the sisters.
The appetitivo is made with sixteen botanicals, is all natural and for today’s world, is vegan friendly. 
Its a bit bitter, with notes of fresh citrus, white peach, rhubarb and bitter, gentian root. The infusion of berries, herbs, flowers and roots help create a fruity and fresh, citrus product.
Distillation was batch with head and tail removal in artisanal copper steam stills.
I sampled the appetitivo with ice. Its 21% abv went unnoticed:
At close to $40 a bottle, it’s a no brainer. 
Hats off to the Nonino Women!

Philip S. Kampe 

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