Monday, November 25, 2019

Omni Wines-An Importer/Distributor With A Mission by Philip S. Kampe

In 2000, Omniwines Distributing Company was established in New York. Shortly after that, I met Camilo Ceballos, now wine director for this passionate company that specializes in estate bottled wines that have historical character integrated with heartfelt, inspirational wine making traditions.
Through the years Omniwines has showcased their wines at various tastings throughout Manhattan, where I had the opportunity to sample their focused portfolio.
Wines from Italy dominated at the wine tasting. Those Italian wines were not your usual suspects, but, wines from small producers in remote areas of the twenty provinces in Italy.
The same is true for their offerings from Argentina and Spain.
There are too many special wines to highlight. Its best for you to visit their website, to learn more.
I’ve included a few, random photos of some of the offerings I sampled.

Philip S. Kampe

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