Friday, February 17, 2012

U.S. WINE EXPORTS Reach New RECORD of $1.39 BILLION in 2011 by Philip S. Kampe

The U.S. set a wine sales record in 2011 with $1.39B, a 21.7% increase over 2010.

CALIFORNIA wine accounted for 90% of all sales. Volume shipments were up 5.8% to 455.7 million liters or 50.6 million nine-liter cases.

Wine Institute and President CEO BOBBY KOCH stated 'Our success is removing trade barriers and opening new markets, as well as significant marketing investments by our wineries. This will allow us to reach our goal of $2 Billion in exports by 2020.

34% or $478 million in revenue were shipped to the 27 members countries of the EUROPEAN UNION. This was a 10% increase over 2010. Volume reached 28 million cases.
Other top markets included CANADA $379M, up 23%; HONG KONG, $163M, up 39%; JAPAN, $105M up 39% and CHINA, $62M, up 42%.


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