Monday, July 10, 2017

My dear #winelover-s and #LifeLover-s of the world, we have a great cause to help: Dan Hegyi.

Help For Dan

For: Dan Hegyi
Timișoara, TM, Romania
Organizer: Asociatia Ceva De Spus

The Story

Inside Dan’s head things happen a bit differently sometimes.

Normally, any thought, any action is controlled by neurons. Neurons send out electrical signals from one to another, forming a communication chain. One neuron receives the information and it passes it on.

Inside Dan’s head, sometimes all of the neurons send out signals, but none of them receives them.

That is how an epilepsy seizure occurs. Dan suffers from this condition since he was 3 months old, and it affects his short term memory, attention span, problem solving and anticipation skills.

Although Dan’s IQ is high, his condition affects his ability to work.

Seizures are hard to anticipate. They begin with stomach aches, nausea, followed by a loss of consciousness, which leads to him falling down and injuring himself, wherever he may be at that time. During the seizure, his muscles spasm painfully and his whole body shakes.

Once the seizure has passed, Dan has difficulties speaking, he is dizzy and his vision is blurry.

The frequency of the seizures can be fairly high, up to three per day.

In 2012, during a seizure which occurred in the staircase of the building where he lives, Dan fell, hit his head and ended up in a coma at the hospital. A brain surgery saved his life at that moment, but Dan lost a portion of his brainpan and epilepsy continues to endanger his life.

Very recently, Dan found out that all these problems could be solved by a surgery performed at a hospital in Budapest. All he needs is money and courage.

A successful surgery would give back to Dan his health, dignity, safety and capacity to work.

Things would begin to happen as they should, inside Dan’s head. 

Please click on this link to make your donation: - Anything helps!

You can also donate...
  • via paypal
  • via direct transfer to the following bank accounts (account owner: Asociația Ceva de Spus)
EUR account: RO36 BACX 0000 0009 4543 5001 
USD account: RO09 BACX 0000 0009 4543 5002

And... please don't forget to share this via social media. Together we can make a difference in this world.

Thank you so much!


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