Saturday, July 1, 2017

#Winelover for Life:Luiz Alberto Has A Birthday Today

Those of us who have met Luiz Alberto know he has a goof heart and is overly generous with his feelings, so much so, that he has set-up foundations for those in need, whether it is for cancer, a homeless,penniless wine journalist who has hit hard times or any other human being in need.

I have known Luiz for many years and can honestly say that he does not have a bad bone in his body. Add, his wife,Nanci,to the formula and you have a dynamite, well-respected couple who, together, make those around them better.

Add Nanci's fabled cooking to the scenario, paired with Luiz's extraordinary wine collection and you have the best of both worlds--food-wine-and the love you can see in their eyes.

Enough of this tribute-a true first for me-

Just send Luiz Alberto Birthday Wishes, today- 1 July, 2017

The World is a Better Place, thanks to the kindness of Luiz Alberto's Big & Caring Heart!!!!!


Philip S. Kampe
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