Friday, May 8, 2009

The Importance of Being Earnest - WBC Scholarship Fund

Did you know the second annual Wine Blogger conference is almost upon us? If you love to blog about wine, this is the place for you!
If you like to read wine blogs, then be prepared to read lots about what we'll collectively discover at the spotlight on Napa!
In both case, take a second to see if you can help make this year's event a little better.
By helping someone who might otherwise have to sit out this year by contributing so someone with a lot of passion around wine, writing and adventure gets to come. Different perspectives are an invaluable aid in learning about how the moon looks on the other side of the world. Someone not like me can bring a fresh perspective to the most tired topic. I am very much looking forward to seeing friends at the WBC, but am just as excited by the prospect of meeting new people.
Another reason is that by helping to sponsor someone to attend we help ourselves too. The wineries and business focused contributors might fund someone who will someday make a vital connection for them, become an invaluable employee someday or just be their biggest booster. Connections are important. And in the world of one-to-one marketing enabled by social media, everyone is more than important. We're necessary! So, if you are able to give, please click and contribute. Maybe you can sell something on eBay and repurpose an item sitting around gathering dust so that a deserving blogger will get a chance to brighten us all a little.
PS: If you are a blogger in need of a scholarship, please click on the same link to apply! Or clip the badge and link for your own website! See you at the WBC!
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