Monday, May 4, 2009

vins du JURA....Wines with Unusual EXCEPTIONAL Flavor
Recently I attended a vins du JURA wine tasting in New York, hosted by the most able French wine and food oriented PR firm in New York, Carbonnier Communications.Honestly, I knew very little about the wines from the Jura region of France.What I learned is that the Jura is France's smallest region. It is located 50 miles from Burgundy, stretching from Arbois to Lons le Saunier in the western foothills of the Jura mpuntains. The land is full of limestones and fossils. There are four regional appelations: Arbois; Cotes de Jura; Chateau Chalon and a small version of Etoile, plus two wine style appelations: Cremant de Jura and Macvin.The wines are not what one expects from French whites. Visually, the whites range in hue from dark amber to pale green. The grapes used for the whites are Chardonnay, Savagnin (Nature), Poulsard and Trousseau.When you taste the traditional wines you will be in for quite a shock. The vineyards date back to the 1400's and the wines often taste like they were produced during those times. Thw white wines are full of yeast, which I like, but many of my wine friends found the wines repulsive. Thw wines tasted alot like Indian food in a bottle. Tumeric, ginger, curry were the spice overtones mixed with honey and walnuts. The taste of the wines is so interesting and yet, quite unknown, for obvious reasons.I felt like I was tasting wine for the first time. Ans I was blown away.I suggest that everyone who reads this blog to invest in a bottle of white wine from the Jura region of France. It is alot like licorice. Either you love it or you don't.Please ask your wine merchant to recommend a 'tradional, classic, white wine from the Jura'. You won't be let down...
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