Wednesday, February 24, 2010

2010 Olympics – Day 13

Lucky #13 on our winery list is Golden Beaver Winery – home to probably the only Canadian Tokay and two wines called Vin de Cure. So, what is Vin de Cure? In this case, one is a peachy, candied Vidal, and the other is a spicy Merlot. The winemaker dries the mature grapes after harvest on greenhouse racks for about seven weeks, constantly turning them and making sure they remain free of spoilage. read more...At the end of this drying period, the Merlot had lost 40 percent of its weight to evaporation that raised the Brix to 40°. Only then were the grapes crushed and fermented. The result is an intense and spicy wine, tasting of cherries, chocolate and licorice, with a lingering port-like sweetness.

I love how they put it on the home page of their website:

Come visit us and taste our wines,
we may be small
and our place not as fancy as Mission Hill,
But our wines are well worth a visit!

While Mission Hill is a great winery to visit – after all, we did choose it as Winery #4 – Golden Beaver Winery is just as interesting and, with the looks of their wine list, it is definitely a must stop in the Okanagan Valley.

Tasting room open daily from April 15th to October 15th, Sunday through Wednesday from October 16th to April 14th except between December 12th and January 4th when they are closed. Check website for specific details on hours.
Golden Beaver Winery Inc.
29690 S Hwy 97
Oliver , BC V0H 1T0
Phone: 250-495-4991
Fax: 250-495-4324

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