Thursday, February 25, 2010

Seventeen Days - Day Fourteen

On the fourteenth day of the Olympics, we raise a glass, in honour of our athletes, of Sandbanks Estate Winery 2007 Baco Noir Reserve. Whatever vintage you may have, this wine has always been one of the best made wines that Sandbanks Estate Winery has ever made. Baco Noir has always been known to be a bit of a “fruit bomb” when it comes to flavours and even aromas and this one does not disappoint. While very fruity in general, the predominant flavours are blackberry and a hint of chocolate and this wine has not disappointed in competition. Gold, Silver and Bronze as well as honourable mentions have made this wine as award winning as our Canadian athletes have been at the 2010 Olympics so it is only fitting that we have a glass (or two) of this wine while we watch medal rounds in cross country skiing, ladies hockey semi finals and finals, figure skating and men’s freestyle aerials. If you are a curling buff – my mom was one so I feel the need to mention this – today is also the day for men’s and women’s semi-finals in curling so don’t forget to watch it with your glass of Baco. Sandbanks Estate Winery will deliver anywhere in Ontario and does not have minimum orders, so to order the 2007 Baco Noir Reserve, which retails for $24.95, call the winery at (613) 399-1839 or email them at
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