Monday, February 15, 2010

Seventeen Days - Day Four

On the fourth day of the Olympics, we raise a glass, in honour of our athletes, of my favourite White Meritage from Ontario – Hidden Bench Vineyards and Winery 2007 Nuit Blanche. Ever since I had this wine, when Harald Thiel brought a bottled that day Nuit Blanche to an Ontario Wine Society event I was organizing, I have been in love with this wine. The current vintage – 2007 - has a rich mouth feel with sweet fruit characters and a lingering finish. The wine shows refined aromas of papaya, guava fruit, Chinese allspice and smokey minerality. On the Olympics schedule for today we have another Canadian Women’s Ice Hockey game – against Switzerland – as well as more cross country skiing, speed skating, figure skating and luge. The new addition to the sports lineup is Men’s Snowboarding – qualifications, semi finals and finals, all in one day. Given how exhausted those guys will probably be that day, I think it is our patriotic duty to have a glass of this amazing wine for them. To get your hands on this wine, call the winery at (905) 563-8700 or order this wine online at $40 a bottle but completely worth the expense.
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