Sunday, October 31, 2010

5 Wine Blogs

If you are here, it means that wine has a special place in your life and you want to dedicate some time of your day to find out what is going on in this wonderful wine world, don't you?
Well, here are some of the blogs that we recommend:

Dr. Vino's wine blog wine talk that goes down easy
Recent topics : Wine • Terms • Wineries • Sommelier • Robert Parker • Cabernet • Appellation • Chateau • Pinot Noir • Wine critics • Michael Broadbent • Gamay • Chardonnay • French wine • Gary Vaynerchuk • Jancis Robinson • Grenache • Australian win

Fermentation: The Daily Wine Blog
A wine insider's view of that place where culture, politics, wine and I mingle.
Recent topics : Wine • Wineries • Pinot Noir • Wine critics • French wine • Terms • Appellation

Wine and food adventures in San Francisco and around the world
Recent topics : Wine • Wineries • Terms • Cabernet • Pinot Noir • Chardonnay • Appellation • Cabernet Sauvignon • Sommelier • Grenache • Chateau • Australian wine • Shiraz • Wine critics • Jancis Robinson • Chilean wine • Merlot • Italian wine • Enology • Dining

The musings and tastings of a wine enthusiast
Recent topics : Wine • Merlot • Cabernet • Wineries • Cabernet Sauvignon • Terms • Pinot Noir

If you feel that you have a nice wine blog as well, please don't be shy and send us a note. We will take to time to take a look at it. If it's really cool we will recommend it too.

And as usual, don't forget to check what is going on at our main site:


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