Wednesday, December 22, 2010


TIS THE SEASON TO BE JOLLY, while ushering in the New Year....
And what a BETTER WAY to liven up the Spirit for the HOLIDAYS than CHAMPAGNE.

NO CATAGORY of wines, and few products, in general, have a more PRESTIGIOUS REPUTATION than CHAMPAGNE.

As a TRUE LOVER of the BUBBLY, I have found one company that consistently stands ABOVE the rest.

That company is NICOLAS FEUILLATTE, one of France's newest and BEST Vineyards.

NICOLAS FEUILLATTE was established in 1972 with the acquisition of a 25 acre vineyard in
BOULEUSE, located in the ARDRE Valley, Champagne. The companies history is new compared to the century's old Champagne houses that exist near REIMS, but, the Quality and Finesse of NICOLAS FEUILLATTE champagne is equal to or surpasses it's rivals.

In 1976, Nicolas Feuillatte created 'CHAMPAGNE NICOLAS FEUILLATTE' .

Since it's inception, today's Portfolio of Nicolas Feuillatte has grown to 13 Champagne varieties, both Vintage and (NV) Non-Vintage.
The 2010-2011 Nicolas Feuillatte PORTFOLIO consists of:




BRUT VINTAGE 100% Chardonnay




CUVEE 225Vintage


CUVEE 225Vintage Rose

GRAND CRU Chardonnay 2000 Vintage

GRAND CRU Pinot Noir 2000 Vintage

PALMES d'OR Vintage

JEAN-PIERRE VINCENT has been the head winemaker for Nicolas Feuillatte since 1976.
Jean-Pierre talks about his Champagne making, " During the blending, I am looking for the Pure Expression of the house style, which I define as the 'vineyard, simplicity and truth' ".

Jean-Pierre's Champagnes are rich, full of freshness, lively and especially pure in their expressiveness.

Nicolas Feuillatte created the Champagne brand. Nicolas says " Champagne is a modern wine with a touch of soul tied to it's history". Many critics proclaim, including myself, that Nicolas Feuillatte champagne is 'WINE with BUBBLES'.

The most recent trend in Champagne is ROSE. Sales continue to grow in double digits and keep moving forward.

I would like to highlight a half dozen champagnes from Nicolas Feuillatte's Portfolio.

Today, I will highlight the magnificent BRUT ROSE and will follow-up with other installments to lead you with BUBBLY in your hand for the New Year.

At $42 a bottle, Nicolas Feuillatte's Brut Rose is a TRUE VALUE.
+ The Brut ROSE received 92 points from the Wine Spectator+
+ Winner of a GOLD medal at the San Francisco International Wine Competition+

Anxious to open a bottle of the BRUT ROSE for the story, I poured the unusually colorful, salmon-pink-copper hue into a champagne flute, where I saw thousands of bubbles literally explode in a slow, timely fashion. One of the signs of a well made champagne is the time the small bubbles remain in the glass. The longer the better, as was the case with the BRUT ROSE.

The aroma was obviously concentrated red fruit with a tart, lemon peel overtone. The first sip was all fruit: raspberries, strawberries, red currants and lemon. Underneath the fruit, was a subtle, minerally white pepper hint, that helped create a special champagne that was complex, rich and full of expression.

Nicolas Feuillatte BRUT ROSE is made of a mixture of important champagne berries:
60% Pinot Noir
30% Pinot Meunier
10% Chardonnay
Pinot Noir contributes to the roundness and structure, while the Pinot Meunier adds the fruitiness to the wine and Chardonnay gives the Brut Rose, elegance and finesse.

NICOLAS FEUILLATTE "Brut Rose" is easily 'BEST in CLASS'.
At the riduculous price point of around $42 a bottle, it is a STEAL!!


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Anonymous said...

Thank you for the Recommendation..
This is a new company for me to try..
Just in time for the Holidays..

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