Thursday, December 2, 2010

DUCA in a BOX..The ULTIMATE ITALIAN WINE FOR TAILGATE and HOLIDAY PARTIES...Garganega/Pinot Grigio and Cabernet Sauvignon/Corvina by Philip S. Kampe

Whether it is an Office, Holiday or Tailgate PARTY, the SEASON has arrived!
And so has, DUCA del FRASSINO, the First-Ever Italian Wine in a Box.

You may chuckle the same way you did when SCREW TOPS entered the wine scene.
Now, nearly 100% of the wines from New Zealand are SCREW TOP and it is accepted by restaurants, bars, wine critics and daily consumers.

Thanks to DUCA and many other highly rated producers, in time, the same acceptance will be true for Wine in a Box.

DUCA del FRASSINO three liter Wine in a Box retails for $19.99.

DUCA is produced by the well respected and prestigious Winery in the VENETO region, CANTINA di SOAVE.

CANTINA di SOAVE has been producing wine since 1898.

Enore Ceola, Managing Director of MW Imports, importer of DUCA says " As the wine market continues to evolve, we recognized that the fastest growing catagory was missing it's crown jewel-- The World's FIRST ITALIAN BOX WINE. These wines represent our MISSION-- to showcase Premium Italian Wine from the Venezie that over delivers on quality, taste and appeals to today's discerning wine consumer".

Duca's GARGANEGA/PINOT GRIGIO is pink in color, crisp, clean and fruit forward on the palate. Apples and citrus fruit dominate the palate. This wine is made of a blend of noble, indigenous varietals. The finish is long.

I would pair this wine with grilled chicken, seafood and white pasta dishes.

Each three liter container has a shelf life of five weeks.

As an experiement I placed the Garaganega/Pinot Grigio in my refigerator and wasn't sure how long it would last. Each container equals about twenty glasses of wine. It only lasted a week before I was craving more wine.

A five week shelf life is great when one occassionally consumes wine, but, for the normal wine consumer a week or two is the most. The OPEN three liter wine in the fridge is alot like potato chips. Once the bag has been opened, you can't just eat one.
As with this wine, you can't just one glass.

Psychology always wins!!

DUCA's red three liter Wine In The Box contains a combination of CABERNET SAUVIGNON/CORVINA grapes. Together, they combine to create a wonderful wine made from Corvina, Amarone's grape paired with the globe-trotting Cabernet Sauvignon grape. This wine is fruit forward, with hints of dark fruit and almonds. Cherry prevails on the nose of this luscious wine.

The wine pairs well with meat, duck, turkey and tomato based pasta dishes. I prefer to chill this wine, if possible, for 15 minutes before serving it.

At the giveaway price of $19.99, DUCA should be a 'HIT' at any event it is served.
It is both eco-friendly and easy pouring.
Ask your wine shop for some today...

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