Tuesday, December 7, 2010


We NOW Live in a World, where DIET equals HEALTH.

Workouts, running, walking up steps, lifting weights plus numerous other routines DOMINATE our lifestyle in America.

BUT, had we followed the"REAL ITALIAN MEDITERRANEAN DIET" , earlier in our life, our world would have been much more HEALTHY.

FEDERSANITA, an Italian Agency, hosted an elegant event in New York City that focused on
" The BENEFITS of the MEDITERRANEAN DIET". Associated with SUSTAINED WEIGHT LOSS. The Mediterranean Diet is high in vegetables, legumes, fruits and nuts, cereals and fish.

WINE is recommended in moderation and is a beneficial and necessary part of the Mediterranean diet. (4-6 glasses for men and 2-4 for women).

The Diet substitutes Un- Saturated Fats (Olive Oil) for Non-Saturated Fats ( butter, animal fat).
The MEDITERRANEAN DIET reduces Heart Disease and Cancer Risk and Prolongs Life.
Smaller food portions is the concept.

Following the Mediteranean Diet, Mortality is REDUCED by 50%.
Patients with Heart Disease had a 50%-70% reduction in recurrant Heart Attacks.

According to Dr. GUGLIELMO TROVATO, Professor of Internal Medicine at the University of Catania,Sicily, "The History of the discovery of the benefits of Mediterranean Diet is an exciting chapter of the history of Mediterranean and Human civilization. In 1947, the Rockefeller Foundation conducted a post-war epidemiological survey of the health status of selected populations in the Mediterranean basin and provided glaring evidence that these populations had healthier disease profiles than in the United States. In 1954 Ancel Keyes and colleagues confirmed a beneficial relationship between Mediterranean dietary paterns and coronary heart disease risk. In 1993 the Harvard School of Public Health released the first vrsion of the Traditional Diet pyramid. On November 16, 2010, UNESCO proclaims the MEDITERRANEAN DIET, a WORLD HERITAGE".

The food plan profile keeps Italian style and elegance in tact. The food pyramid highlights greater use of fish, natural drinking water and advises against sedentary life.

In America, we have learned that "LIFE is for FOOD", while those on the Mediterranean Diet have learned that "FOOD is LIFE". It is difficult to realize that with all of the information we have in front of us,that Food Prevails over health. Most of us are guilty of taking advantage of the poor food choices that exist.

The lecture and dinner at LUNA PIENA (243 East 53rd Street,NYC) was hosted by Riccardo Strano, Director of the Italian Government Tourist Board of North America. Speakers included Enzo Chilelli, Director General of Federsanita and Guglielmo Trovato, professor of Medicine at Catania (Sicily) University. Marzia Bortelin was the translator.

The dinner followed the Mediterranean Diet and included, legumes, fish, natural water, olive oil, wine, nuts and all of the other foods on the Pyramid.

Wines paired paired perfectly and were picked out by Paula of LUNA PIENA.
The wines included:
Proseco di Zagara di Mandarino.
Agllianico del Vulture.
Chardonnay di Puglia.

To learn more about the Mediterranean Diet, visit : http://www.dietmed.org/

To learn more about New York's PREMIER Italian Restaurant, LUNA PIENA,
visit their website at www.LunaPienaNYC.com or call Paula or Luigi at (212) 906-1929


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Anonymous said...

The Italians have a wonderful life due to the Mediterranean Diet. LUNA PIENA sounds like a 'Special Restaurant', well worth visiting.
Thank You for the Information and advice. I will visit the www.dietmed.org website to learn more.

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