Thursday, February 23, 2017

I am back... And it feels great!!

My dear friends and fellow #winelover-s,
On December 13th, with a huge knot in my stomach, I announced "I need a break". Today, with a lot of joy in my heart, I announce that I'm back. I know that for some of you this period will sound like a quick break... But it was not. These 69 days felt like an ever ending eternity to me.
Anyway, the people who joined me in Greece in Cyprus inspired me to come back. They showed to me that the power of our community is in the relationships with the people that surround us with love and care. Yes, we love wine, there's no doubt about that! But we also love feeling loved by the people who share our passion. We love to know that they are there when we need help, we love to know that these people - YOU - care about us.
Magnus ReuterdahlTed Lelekas, and Fabien Lain√© (my friends at the core of the community who were holding the torch while I was away) come with the idea that we should call it a reboot - "taking us back to the roots, concentrating on a few things, mainly to make sure that we all have fun." And I totally agree with the concept. But I prefer to call it a rebirth... like a flower that comes back in the spring... back from our own roots!
Before I go, I would like to send a HUGE thank you to all of you who supported me during this process. Thank you!!!

Cheers to loving and caring!! Cheers to our rebirth!
Long live the #winelover community!!

Luiz Alberto
  • Master of Wine candidate
  • Member of the Circle of Wine Writers
  • Italian Wine Ambassador
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