Thursday, August 9, 2018

Organic Rose of the Week-IGT Fattoria Sardi Rose 2017 by Philip S. Kampe

                             Organic Rose of the Week-Fattoria Sardi Rose 2017

We all love Tuscany. And many, like me, love the grape varietal that has helped put Tuscany on the map. Bet that you can guess the grape?

Sangiovese, of course.

Known as the pizza grape to many-think Chianti-this grape has been the cornerstone of wine production throughout the region.

What struck me in such a positive way was that the two-hundred year old winery, Fattoria Sardi, located between the sea and the mountains has been recognized as having a perfect climate for the grapes that they grow. You should recognize the winery, Fattoria Sardi. They produce the iconic brand,‘Santa Margherita’.

Santa Margherita took the world by storm and is onsidered by many, as a marketing miracle.

Well, be prepared to yearn for another wine in their portfolio. It’s an ‘organic’ rose made with organic grapes, specifically, Sangiovese, Cillegiolo and Merlot.

Fattoria Sardi Toscana Rosato 2017 is an organic wine that is made following organic farming and biodynamic agriculture. Winemakers, Matteo and wife, Mina Giustinini produce this crisp, salmon colored, clean wine full of minerality and acidity. It’s a very mineral driven wine with a nice balance of fruit and terroir.

The 2017 is a very bright wine with obvious aromas of summer raspberries, honey dew melon and morning red roses.

Overall, at under $20, this rose can be used as an aperitif, as well as for a light lunch or dinner.

This is my ‘Rose of the Week.’

Philip S. Kampe


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