Friday, August 31, 2018

Rose of the (Holiday) Week (end) by Philip S. Kampe


                                                 My favorite rose wine bottle design

One of the many things I love about Rose is its versatility.

Roses are getting a lot more complex these days, with winemakers using indigenous grapes, as well as those using classic, red grapes, like Sangiovese or Syrah, in this Casillero del Diablo (the devil's cellar) 2017 Reserva Rose.

The bottom line is what consumers look for is an easy drinking rose that pairs with the majority of foods, and a wine that could double as an apertif. The goal is to find a wine that doesn't break the bank-unless you love Tavel. the classic 'rose.'

Since the holiday weekend is approaching, in fact, its here.
Today is Friday and Labor Day is Monday.

The 'Rose Wine of the Week' that I have saved for the holiday weekend is a rose that is BBQ friendly, retails under ten dollars ($10) and in my mind is the perfect rose for the Labor Day Weekend.

Casillero del Diablo
2017 Reserva Rose
13% alcohol
100% Shiraz grapes
Fermented in stainless steel
Winemaker Marcello Papa
Producer: Concho y Toro (Chile)

Over one-hundred years ago, Concho y Toro owner, Don Melchor, spread a rumor, specifically, so, he could keep the best batches of his wines away from strangers. He wanted to keep the wines in his private reserve. He created a haunting rumor that the devil lived in his winery and named the devil, Casillero Del Diablo, 'The Devil's Cellar'.

Winemaker Marcello Papa explained that the wine is made by vinifying red Shiraz grapes, as if it were a white wine. The end result is a soft, refreshing, easy to drink wine that is closer to a red wine on your palate then a white, The aromas of cherry and raspberry are followed by classic red wine palate flavors of dark plums, spice and fresh blackberries lead to a crisp, fresh, food friendly flavor.

At under ten dollars per bottle, this versatile rose surpasses its price point in many ways. Its great with just about anything-pasta, BBQ, burgers, fresh cheeses and salads.

Rose can be made in so many styles with a multitude of grapes. This wine, as mentioned earlier is made with Shiraz, the other name for Syrah, the grape you probably know.

The holiday weekend is here.
Think rose.

Philip S. Kampe 

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