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Thursday, March 1, 2012

#EWBCOFF (a post post trip to the Republic of Georgia)


My fellow #winelover-s,

Today/yesterday (depending on where you are in the world) we had a bombardment on twitter about a possible #EWBCOFF (a post post trip to the Republic of Georgia). You can thank (or blame) Marc Roisin ( for all the excitement on the blogsphere. 

So (as his nominated executive assistant), I started a survey to find out who wants to go to Georgia after the EWBC in Izmir (Turkey) in November.

Below a few pictures of my trip last year to make you think about going... :)

If you think you can make it, please leave you name and I'll add you to the list.






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marc roisin said...

Hey Luiz,
Thanks for this great post and the commitment to the #ewbcoff trip to Georgia.
I'll be there, you know it. And know you understand why I didn't make it to Vinisud or won't be in Prowein : I'm saving all my money & energy for the main wine event of the year : the #ewbcoff post-trip in Georgia !

See you all there...

arnold waldstein said...

I'm in.

In November GA is probably really cold.

I'll go anyway but I might go sooner as well.

Been on my list for awhile.

ricardo said...

You know I would like to go. Let's see how things develop!

ac_orientale said...

I am officially interested :)

Andre Ribeirinho said...

I'm in! Sounds like a nice idea. Would love to visit Georgia specially if I'm going together with a great group of #winelover friends.

Elisabeth Seifert said...

Thx to the president and the excecutive assistant of that great idea! Would love to be in, to get to know Georgia and it's wines, especially with great winelovers and bloggers :-) I think this would be a great opportunity!

Sharon said...


What a wonderful opportunity to get to know about Georgia's wines!! We (Sharon Parsons & John Matson), Spaswinefood would love to go on this #EWBCOFF trip to the Republic of Georgia. It will be a great opportunity for me to do research for my blog posts.

Keep me posted.

WineTripping said...

Sounds like good, clean fun. And a wonderful opportunity to learn more about Georgia wines. Count me in

Caroline said...

Count me in:-)

@adomenach said...

Hi, I am interested as well. Keep me posted!

adomenach said...

Hi, I am interested. Please keep me posted :)

luBraz said...

When I Tweeted you what was that about, I had no idea that this Belgian humor would became real (or maybe..).
I'd love to go to Georgia, and with your guys #winelover s sounds more interesting! Keep me posted please.
L. @winetalkgroup said...

The possibility of learning about the wine culture of Georgia has been number one on my list since Luiz Alberto has been commenting visually and verbally about the 'unknown wines of Georgia'.
Wines from Brazil and smaller countries are beginning to create chatter in the industry, My belief is if the correct people visit Georgia and create a story line or bond together through print, blogs and twitter, that 'Worldwide Attention to the Wines of Georgia' would be the next step in the emerging wine culture that exists in Georgia today.
United, we could put the wines from KAKHETI (Georgia) on the map and promote that region the same as we do with NAPA VALLEY in America.
Promoting 8,000 years of wine making in Georgia coupled with the historical perspective of the region should dazzle all wine lovers imagination.
I look forward to the possibility of promoting the Wines of Georgia and would love to take part in the upcoming, proposed trip.

Anonymous said...

Wow Luiz. These pictures are amazing ! I had the opportunity of trying some wines from Georgia at the Gourmet Wine and Food Expo in TO last fall. Very exciting and cool area. Tried an interesting white that had been fermented on it's skins and aged in amphora. Quite impressed with their sparkling wines as well. Georgia is definitely on my list as I would love to go their someday.
Cheers, Lynn Coulthard
Fine Vintage Ltd

Valerie Brockbank said...

As I mentioned on Facebook, I'll certainly be in if we go as an organized group!